Welding Training

Skills Programmes

Basic Practical Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)/ Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)

  • Weld with E 6013 (Vitamex)
  • Weld with E 7018-1 Low Hydrogen
  • Weld with Stainless Steel electrodes
  • Weld with Aluminum electrodes
  • Weld with Cast Iron electrodes


Basic Practical Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)/ Metal Inert Gas (MIG)

  • Weld with ER 70 S 6
  • Weld with Flux-Cored Wire
  • Weld with Stainless Steel wire
  • Weld with Aluminium wire


Basic Practical Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)/ Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)

  • Weld 50mm diameter carbon steel pipe
  • Weld 100mm diameter carbon steel pipe
  • Weld 150mm diameter carbon steel pipe
  • Weld 50mm diameter stainless steel pipe
  • Weld aluminium pipe


Basic Practical Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding

  • Weld mild steel plate
  • Bronze Braze mild steel plate
  • Silver soldering mild steel plate
  • Oxy-Fuel gas cutting

*Each skills Skills Programme includes training in the safe use of an angle grinder, Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting,  Air Carbon Arc Gouging, Orientation on Plasma Arc Cutting & Orientation on other processes.

A welding X-ray test report on completion will be issued to the Trainee.

Why Afrojap

Afrojap Welding Skills Centre offer advanced welding training programmes, coupled with recognised and certified Welder Qualification Trade Tests.

We offer Coded Welding and international standards based programmes and learning reinforcement learning through videos, DVD’s and organized learning tours.


Advanced Programmes:

Welder Qualification Trade Test



  • Welder Qualification Trade Testing.
  • Coded Welding and International standard based programmes.


Long Term Programmes:

SETA registered welding unit      standards.


Learning Reinforcement

  • Learning Videos and DVD’s
  • Organized learning Tours
  • Learning handouts


Learning Evaluation

  • Radiographic Test
  • Visual inspection
  • NDT (Dye penetrant test)
  • DT (Bending test)


Registration & Compliance

CK Number         :               2000/048902/23

Tax Number       :               9111112141

Vat Number       :               4650215694

SDL Number       :               L670753153

UIF Number       :               U670753153

Paye Number    :               7670753153

COID                                      :               2010-689-2300

BEE Status Level:              Level 1

Accreditation  :          23-TRA0024-09 (Services SETA)

merSETA 17-QA/ACC/0881/13 for merSETA’s registered skills programmes.

QCTO AC000029 NAMB for Trade Testing.


083 9650 763

Welding Assessments

"Afrojap Welding Skills Centre also offer on site assessments of welding jobs and job requirements. Call us on 083 9650 763 for information and to discuss your welding assessment requirements."


What our customers say: 

Lesiba Andries Senwamadi

"I trained and was Employed by Afrojap Welding Skills Centre. 

I passed my trade test in welding at Olifantsfontein in 2008. I am now an Artisan/Platter welder at Anglo Coal."

Jones Kgole

"Afrojap Welding Skills Training Centre Provided me with excellent and necessary skills that enabled me to obtain a job. 

I trained at Afrojap Welding Skills Centre and I am now employed at JCB Engineering."